I.T.O.  Sparring Rules

1) Mouthpiece, cup and headgear mandatory.  Foot gear optional, No Hand gear.  Cloth hand raps or cloth foot guards are optional.

2) No Punching to the face, no back fists, no chops, no groin strikes.  No sweeping or take downs.

3) Light contact to the body, no contact to the face.

4) Target areas: Front of the body, ribs, side of the body, close techniques by feet only to the face area, ear to ear.

5) Illegal target areas: Back of the head, back of the body, below the belt. 

6) Warnings: 2 warnings will result in loss of 1 point 3 warnings disqualification. 

7) Warnings will be awarded for excessive contact, running out of the ring, talking back to judges or disrespectful attitude.

8) Disqualification: For drawing blood, disrespectful attitude towards other competitors or judges, three warnings, excessive contact to illegal target areas.

9)  Matches will be 2 minutes the first competitor that scores 3 points wins.  In the case of a tie, first point in overtime wins.

10) There will be no coaching from the sidelines.